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Elephant stables of Hampi
Elephant stables of Hampi Hampi is both a historic as well as a historical place in India.It is a vast open museum of history, architecture and religion and is a major tourist attraction. It is one of the World heritage sites of India. Elephant Stables of Hampi are a major tourist attraction.
Elephant Stables, Hampi
Elephant Stables, Hampi This was used to ‘park’ the royal elephants. There are 11 domed tall chambers. the centre one is bigger in size and its tower resembles the other temples of Hampi. Probably the musicians and the associated band troupes had been using this during ceremonies involving elephant processions.
Dome of Elephant stables, Hampi
Dome of Elephant stables, Hampi The pic represents the central dome of Elepahant stables of Hampi, India.